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Expedition update

Here you can see where we are, with 3 days delay. During the entire expedition, we gather data from the expedition car. Every day new data is uploaded on our website for you to see. In addition, new parameters will be added in the coming months.

We do this so that we can all learn more about electric driving long distance. What affects the range and battery health of an electric car?

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Distance driven on January 24th: 62KM

Total Kilometers driven: 8954KM

Driving time on January 24th:  2h 0 min

A Sustainable Expedition

It is our goal to drive from the Netherlands to South Africa and back with a regular electric car that we charge with portable solar panels
We will be completely self-sufficient; sleeping in a rooftop tent, cook electric and shower with self-purified water by the car.

A new way to travel sustainable long-distance to places where there are no charging stations. 

While doing so we built a sustainable community. As we all agree sustainability is important, we want to share the learnings of other sustainable people and initiatives along the route. 

Why? To inspire each other to take the next step in implement sustainability in daily life and business.

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Our mission

It is our mission to make sustainability fun, simple and practical and help each other take ownership to implement this in our lives. 


Join the expedition

Get inspired by green initiatives that we visit during our eco-friendly expedition. Connect with us and receive the tips and tricks to implement sustainability in daily life. 

Check our latest updates or take a look below on the dashboard with the expedition data.

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Roadmap of our green expeditions

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Until the 19th of September we are preparing the expedition. This includes the innovative charging technology, the car for the expedition, the route along sustainable initiatives, and more.


Pre Expedition

From September 20th to October 16th we make a tour through the Netherlands to test the charging technology, visit sustainable initiatives and meet you.


Africa Expedition

On the 4th of November we depart for Africa. We will start at Geelen Counterflow in Haelen, our main partner. We expect to be on the road for about one year.


Future Phase

Once we are back home, a new phase will start. A phase in which we will share our learnings and help others to implement sustainability where we can.

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Check our latest updates

Being able to shower after a long hot day is such a big present. The way I value water is increased a lot since we are in Africa. We are able to take ~60 liters with us, enough for a couple of days. We filter it so we can drink it, we never buy plastic water bottles!😊

@4x4electricnl Excellent going team @4x4electricnl ! Looking forward to welcoming you to Cape Town in the not too distant future so that we can check out the Skoda. It might make for an ideal SUV to include in our future fleet of EVs as we drive a gender-equitable transport future.

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About us

We are two Dutch nature geeks, both completely in love with each other, adventure and traveling the world…

We want to inspire and help people to do something about climate change, without compromising in the quality of life. It is all about being aware and making conscious choices.

Hover on the image for more information about us.

unveiling the eco friendly car

Renske Cox, 32 years old

Maarten van Pel, 34 years old

Skoda Enyaq iv80

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