51% charged with solar panels

Maarten en Renske

Today we want to explain why we chose this percentage. As this is a very conscious decision.

In the end, it is our goal to charge the expedition car at least 51% with our own solar energy system during our travel through Africa.

Today we want to explain why we chose this percentage. As this is a very conscious decision.

The reason is that we as humans are in the middle of a transition to a more sustainable way of living. A transition means trying new things. And when you try something new, it is never perfect the first time. In addition, there is always more than one solution for one challenge. The real solution lies in the combination of those solutions. As green energy is a combination of wind, sun, and water for example.

We chose 51% as we want to drive at least the most part on solar energy. In addition, we want to show this new way of traveling has potential. As we are the first, our way won’t be the perfect solution yet. During the expedition, we will find ways how to optimize this technique. Our expedition is the first step in a new direction. As our expedition should be an example for others, it would not work if we have to wait for months to drive as we are in the middle of raining season.

Besides, it would be such a shame not to visit the first charging station in Nigeria for example.

Our way of travel is perfect for visiting the most remote places or locations where no charging stations are available (yet). But if there is a charging station, it would be stupid to refuse it… also looking at the future.

Although we have set the charging on the sun at 51%, we aim for a higher percentage during our expedition in Africa.

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