Meet us

Meet us

We are two Dutch nature geeks, both completely in love with each other, adventure and traveling the world.

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Our passion

We want to inspire and help people to do something about climate change, without compromising in the quality of life. It is all about being creative and making conscious choices. Having the guts to try something new…

We do this by sharing the stories of people and projects that have implemented sustainability in different ways. How have they done this, and what can we learn from them? When it comes to sustainability there is not one good scenario on how to do it. By sharing different optional solutions, we want to help every individual to find new ways that suite for you. 

Maarten van Pel

Maarten van Pel

Born in the year 1988.

A true handy-man and risk

A social technician with
a lot of creativity

Always interested in
a philosophical conversation

Worked as a project manager and
engineer for several industries and
companies such as DPD and VanDerLande

Studied Engineering.

Born and raised in Heemstede,
near Amsterdam. He lived here with
his mother, father and younger and
older sister. For work and love he moved
to Brabant (in the south of the Netherlands).

He climbed over 15 mountains of 4,000 meters and more.

Renske COx 2

Loves the early mornings

Studied Marketing &
This comes in handy for
this expedition!

Traveled all alone by public
transport through the nature
of New Zealand, Fiji, Thailand,
Costa Rica, Galapagos and Ecuador. 

Entrepreneur for 5 years. She helps
SME's to implement innovative
techniques and processes within
their business. Turning a business
into asustainable and environmentally
friendly business.

Loves to run, bike or
bootcamp in the nature. 

Born in Geldrop (Brabant),
were she lived with here
mother, father and sister. 

Born in the year 1990.

Can help people find their
unique and natural talents 

The expedition car

  • The car is made in 2021, and bought in 2022.
  • We take a 50L water tank with us that we fill with self-purified water to drink, cook and shower. 
  • We cook induction.
  • We work with an innovative charging technique; directly DC instead of DC-AC-DC and without a battery in between the solar panels and the car. The result: up to 20% fewer energy losses. This charging technique is built by Venema E-mobility.
  • 60 solar panels of 1m2 each are stored in a frame with 6 drawers. The solar panels are 180Watt each. We will take them out of the car to charge.
4x4electric auto

Custom 200L rooftop
box for our luggage.

We sleep in this rooftop
tent. It can be set-up in
less than2 minutes and
has beautiful windows,
even a roof window.

Custom solar panels are
installed on the hood, the
rooftop tent and -box.

The car has all-terrain tires,
rims of steel and the ground
is enlarged with 6cm. 

On the front windows a special
foil is added to prevent
radiant heat.

In front of the grill we added
some extra protection to
prevent stones from crashing
in our airconditioning.

Us in the media

Our sustainable experience and experiments

Some experiments we have implemented in our private life:

  • We do not need natural gas at home anymore, by adding solar panels and a heat pump
  • Cooking electric
  • Buying food of the season, of the region, and less meat
  • Buying less packaging with initiatives such as PieterPot
  • Buying products that are close to the expiration date to prevent them from becoming waste
  • Taking a bag with us when we go shopping
  • Making our garden into a home for bees, butterflies, and animals with native plants that belong in our environment
  • Starting 2020 we chose to no longer travel by airplane
  • We collect rainwater, and use this to water the plants, flush the toilet and for the dishwasher and washing machine
  • Driving electric

    If you want to know more about this, do not hesitate to contact us! We love to share our experiences with you…
experiencing sustainable travel

Practical information about 4x4electric

KvK: 70532494 – Marketini
Located: Helvoirt
VAT number: NL004884461B33
Phone number: +31 6 575 87 920
E-mail address:

Statutory objectives


To drive from the Netherlands to South Africa and back with a regular electric car that we charge with portable solar panels we take with us. We will be completely self-sufficient; sleeping in a rooftop tent, cook electric and shower by the car.


To share this experience with followers to inspire and help them live more sustainable as well by sharing tips and tricks to implement sustainability in your daily live.


To share projects we visit that contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals and tell about what we can learn from these projects.

More information can be found in our Policy Plan.

The board

Pim Cramer bestuur 4x4electric

Pim Cramer


Casper bestuur 4x4electric

Casper F. Roosenstein


Peter Cox bestuur 4x4electric

Peter J.M. Cox


Founders and executors


Maarten van Pel


Renske Cox

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