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Not all changes to live more sustainably come with less comfort. Find out more...

Advantages of living sustainable go unnoticed

Sustainability is a hot topic. We all know we will have to make changes in our lifestyle to keep enjoying this wonderful planet, we call earth. We also know some of these changes mean less comfort in life. This idea is not something we are used to, as our comfort only increased over the past decades…

We automated, digitized, and got more and more tools and gadgets to make our lives easier, quicker, and more exciting.

However not all consequences of the changes we make to live more sustainably come with less comfort. The funny thing is that we pay less attention to the changes with a positive impact on our comfort than the changes that decrease our comfort.

Let me give you some examples of changes you probably think of when thinking about living more sustainable;

  • Shorter showers
  • Only use products of the season (preferably locally sourced), so we cannot eat whatever we want whenever we want it
  • Use less packaging material, which means fresher products, but also shorter shelf life. 
  • Use paper or wood instead of plastic, can we take a minute to think about the feeling of a wooden spoon against your lips…
  • Live minimalistic: buy fewer products, which means not a different outfit or gadget every season
  • Less flying, which means fewer options to travel and holidays in places that do not have the ideal climate we are looking for
  • I can go on and on. 

To live more sustainably we sometimes have to accept a different level of comfort and of course, we do not like that very much. However, there are also positive advantages to some changes. Most of the time they go unnoticed somehow. I spotted one positive change this weekend, which I almost missed myself as well.

I went to a music festival ‘Above & Beyond’ in Amsterdam with some friends. We had a great time! We drank, we danced and we laughed… At some point near the end of the festival, I looked around me and saw how everybody was enjoying themselves. It was great. Then I looked at the floor… and it was completely clean!!! There was nothing laying on the floor… I was so surprised. I don’t know if you remember the situation 2 years ago. Back then you could not stand directly on the dancefloor anymore at the end of an event. You would be standing on empty cups, cigarette butts, cup holders, and I don’t know what else… Now there was nothing but the floor all around me. I had not even realized it before that moment. I had not noticed it as it was more comfortable. I did not have to kick a cup around to make space to dance. Nothing was in my way. Nothing was in nobody’s way. And who noticed it?

How did they do this? Easy! Everybody who entered the festival received a token to get a cup. And when you bought a drink, you exchanged the token for a cup. When the cup was empty, you exchanged your cup for a new one. If you did not have an empty cup, you had to pay for a new one. So easy but very effective. Nothing else had changed. Even the cups were the same!

What other changes have we realized to live more sustainably that went unnoticed with a positive impact on our comfort? I dare you to come up with one thing! Believe me, when you engage in this challenge you will see so many things from this moment onwards… All that’s left to say: enjoy this feeling!

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