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Aviloo is a new partner for this project. They will test the data of our car battery. Read here how and why.

aviloo logoOne of the most discussed parts of an electric car is the battery. There are a lot of stories of electric car batteries that degrade a lot over time, which is mostly seen in older electric cars. There are a couple of things a battery doesn’t like, starting with high temperatures. This is why cooling a battery, especially during charging, is important. In addition, a battery does not like to be fully charged or very empty.

But how do you know the condition of a battery? We will explain this in more detail later, but for now, we would like to introduce a new partner: AVILOO.

With a tool of AVILOO, the battery conditions can be analyzed. The results of the analysis of the data collected during the test are presented simply and clearly in the AVILOO certificate. We will do this analysis for the car we bought for our project, to check the condition before our trip.

In addition, AVILOO will provide a tool to analyze the battery of the car in real-live. This data will be presented on a dashboard on our website. As we are going to a warm climate, we can check what this will do with our battery!

Soon, we will explain this in more detail.

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