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BrightDept team

End of September this year the new website will be published.

We would like to introduce our new partner; BrightDept.

About BrightDept

An e-commerce agency, since the beginning of this year. The agency was started by three ladies, all experts in one division;

Bianca Schuurman specializes in building websites that truly work for the visitor. Both frontend and backend.

Iris van Ommeren is the SEO Strategist who makes sure Google knows its way to your website. So that the potential visitors know where to find you.

Frederique Nobel is the creative designer that makes sure you have a unique suitable look that stands out but does not distract…

And together… they are the best in helping with a good strategy behind the website. Because a beautiful website is useless if the mission is unclear. Before BrightDept started for 4x4electric we received many challenging questions to find the reason why what, and how. Their work is not visible yet, however, we have already seen the direction they are taking, and it will be awesome….

Clean, clear, and easy to use for you. As we want to make it as accessible as we can for you to follow our expedition. It should almost feel as if you are with us in the car…

Our planning

End of September this year the new website will be published. We work closely with BrightDept to push the limits, and can not wait to share the results with you!

For BrightDept, 4x4electric is a case to show what they are capable of. So be prepared!

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