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Campwerk decided to become a partner by providing us with a rooftop tent. Get to know them!

DSC 9237We introduce another partner for our project: CAMPWERK. Ivar van der Leij is a partner of Campwerk and an ambassador of adventurous and compact camping. We introduced our project to him and he was a fan straight away… 

For our project, we were looking for a comfortable rooftop tent, as it will be our home for one year. iKamper is a brand of high quality, compact, and easy to use. And CAMPWERK is their official reseller in Europe. iKamper started as an American Kickstarter project in 2017, and is still growing every day. We will work together with CAMPWERK to show how easy, comfortable and fun it is to go camping this way.

Skycamp 3.0 Mini BackRight

You can set up the tent in one minute… We can not wait to show this to you…

Because: CAMPWERK offered us this amazing rooftop tent to use for our entire project. How cool is that!

We get the iKamper Skycamp Mini 3.0 Rocky Black. The newest generation rooftop tent…

  • This Rocky Black version has a LineX coating and is resistant to stones or twigs bumping on it.
  • It has big windows on each side, even on the roof to watch the stars.
  • It has a hardcover, which makes it safe for us and hard to open for curious people when we are away…
  • It is lightweight and small once it is closed, which is very valuable for us, as less air resistance means more range with our electric car!
  • We could attach a solar panel on the roof, to charge a little while driving..
  • And, when the tent is open, on the inside it has a very big map of the world… So that we can show very easily where we are!

As you can read… We are in LOVE with this rooftop tent!

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And that is not all… We even get the needed accessories to use from CAMPWERK.




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