Error in the expedition car


This Monday the car will be transported to a Skoda dealer to fix it. Let’s hope for the best!

This Friday we woke up with an empty 12v battery in the car. This resulted in not being able to start the car anymore…

We could charge the battery with the solar panels on the car, however an error that was triggered could not be fixed. We called anwb but they could not fix it either. Therefore the car will be transported to a Skoda dealer this Monday.

We hope it can be fixed! At the same time this is the perfect learning case for us. As this could happen in Africa as well. By fixing this we learn what we need to bring with us. So for us, this fault is a gift somehow!

The bad news is that this effects the events we had planned. No expedition car to present at the exhibitions… so sorry for that!

We will keep you posted!

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