First partner in Africa

AA South Africa

The road assistance of South Africa, named AA, became partner of our project.

If you followed us on Instagram the past months, you know we have spoken to a lot of potential partners. About a month ago we went to the ANWB. Not the shop, but the headquarter. They invited us as they were interested in our project, and wanted to see if they could help us. As for them, sustainability is also very important.
They offered us that we could call their road assistance when we would have a fold in the car. Even when we would be in Africa, we could call them and ask for advice. This is so valuable for us. As we know a little, but not as much as a mechanic, about the car.
In addition, they introduced us to the ANWB of South Africa, called Automobile Association of South Africa (AASA). We had a video call with them this week. They got so enthusiastic about our project, that a diner at arrival was the first thing they offered. In addition, they offered to help us at their location when something is wrong with the car, as their colleagues are already trained to work with electric cars. This is the first step because when it comes to driving electric, they are only in the beginning of replacing the fossil fuel cars in South Africa. Therefore AASA came up with another suggestion. Would we be willing to share our story with students and businesses in Cape Town? By showing them we drove there all the way from Europa, we could make them believe in the possibilities. Of course, we are more than happy to do this.

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