Geelen Couterflow as main partner

unveiling the eco friendly car

Big news... We have found the main partner for the expedition.

JPET20220718 Electric 009Yesterday, we revealed our main partner for the expedition, as well as the new look of the car.

From red to yellow

The car for the expedition was red, but yesterday we revealed the new look in the colors of our main partner Geelen Counterflow. This SME in Haelen, Limburg, is the worldwide market leader in coolers and dryers for the feed & food industry. Since 2011, they strive for 100% sustainability in everything they do. That is why they built a wooden office in 2015, which according to BREEAM is still the most sustainable in the world. A copy of this building will be built next to it because the company is growing. This is partly due to their progressiveness in sustainability. Not only the office but also their machines are sustainable, as they made them all electric. The impact of one electric dryer, instead of one that runs on gas, is equivalent to a reduction in gas consumption for 500-1000 families. The customers of Geelen Counterflow did not ask for this innovation yet, but the company started developing the machines anyway. This makes the company a true pioneer in sustainability that believes in electrification. Just like 4x4electric. 

Therefore we chose the following slogan for the expedition:

Dare to go electric

At 14.30 o clock, the car was revealed at the office of Geelen Counterflow.

New video

4x4electric 14x4electric r4x4electric m

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