How it all started…


How did we come up with the idea to start this project? Of course, we will tell you all about it!

We both love to travel the world. Living day by day and enjoying the beauty of nature. Searching for new corners to look around. Or leaving the paved roads behind us and going into the true wilderness. That is when we both feel so alive…

As we enjoy nature so much, we are also looking for ways to make our footprint as small as possible. Next to other things, this challenged us to find new ways to travel besides airplanes. At home, we drive electric for the past two years, and we just love it. So why not start a world trip all-electric?

We notice that many who people driving electric, look for a fuel car when holiday comes. Therefore, we want to take you with us on our journey, to inspire you on what is possible. We will share what we do, why we do it, and how we experience it…

This all started as a crazy idea at a party in the summer of 2021 with friends and family. We joked around, shared fantasies, and became more and more enthusiastic. Afterward, we looked each other in the eyes and said; “But why not make this a reality? We should at least try…”

As we will need quite some time to drive these 40.000kms, we wanted to add something extra to our adventure. We are both interested in what they do in other countries to make our planet a better place. So why not visit all kinds of projects that were successful and unique that we cross along the way? This only gives us more input to inspire you at home when you join us in our adventure. Therefore we will visit projects that react to the Sustainable Development Goals.

For us, it would be a sabbatical for one year. But as the costs to realize a project like this are quite high, we want to reach more people than just our own network, and we need to work with new techniques to make this possible… We had to find partners. This is what we are busy doing the past months. A very interesting process. Because how do you pitch an idea like this, and who do you pitch it to? In this process, we learned that practice makes perfect… In the beginning, answers were often “No, this is not for us”. People liked the idea, but they were not the right person or the pitch was not perfect yet. As we kept on going and trying new things, we are now at a point that more and more organizations are seriously interested. And we can not tell you how exciting this is! Will we be able to make this a reality? Is it true that when you really want something, everything is possible? We sure hope so! As we can then take you along with us…

At the end, it is our idea to find and share all kinds of things every individual can change to save our beautiful planet without compromising your quality of life. So join us if you want to do more, but just don’t know what…

We will keep you posted once new achievements have been realized. Which can be sooner than you think… So follow us on Instagram or submit to our newsletter! We can not wait.

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