Ranger training and anti-poaching

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To make sure flora and fauna are well protected in South Africa, Southern African Wildlife College is active in the Southern part of Africa. 

To make sure flora and fauna are well protected in South Africa, Southern African Wildlife College is active in the Southern part of Africa.

What does Southern African Wildlife College do

  1. Provide a program for kids in the area to make them understand and respect the nature around them
  2. Educate rangers so that they let tourists enjoy the national parks in a way nature is not harmed
  3. Fight poaching of rhinos.

Fight poaching of rhinos

This last task they do also with dogs they train – called K9.

In 7 months or more, the dogs are trained in the national park. They learn to chase the smell of a poacher and follow it until the poacher is in sight. As a herd of dogs, most of the time 5 dogs in total, they then surround the area and wait until the rangers arrive to catch the poachers. As the area they work in is quite a dense forest, and the dogs are a lot quicker runners (max. 40km/h) than humans, they chase the poachers by themselves after being dropped on the trace with a helicopter.

Each dog has a sensor so that the ranger can follow them with a GPS tracker. The moment the dogs are in a circle, the rangers know the poachers are found and don’t run anymore. For the dogs this is a game, as they never learn to attack the poachers, they just try to win from them while running.

When a track of a poacher is found and the dogs are released to find them, this team now has a success rate of 96%. The result is that poachers try it less in this area. The next challenge is helping other areas to arrange their anti-poaching.

South Africa 4x4electric South Africa 4x4electric South Africa 4x4electric

As poaching is a threat to biodiversity and entire ecosystems we hope the rhino will be protected this way in South Africa.

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