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Eco-tourism. Cantal Bakker recycles old bikes to organize eco-friendly tours through Marrakesh. She also uses these bikes to deliver packages and learn locals how to ride a bike.

Recycling old Dutch bikes in Marrakesh for locals to earn money with 

Cantal Bakker started a new company in Marrakesh, Morocco 7 years ago;

Cantal imports old bikes from the Netherlands to Morocco. Here she educates locals to repair them, use them for tourist tours through the city, deliver packages, and educate women on how to ride a bike to increase their freedom of movement.

How it all started

7 years ago Chantal moved from the Netherlands to Marrakesh with her bike and savings. She had experienced what it was like to explore this city in Morocco by bike and wanted to help the locals to use this to earn their money.

Future plans

Pikala Bikes is now a successful commercial business. Cantal sees the opportunity to start in other cities as well, as a franchise. In addition, she has a new idea for a new business named B&B&B; Bed & Breakfast & Bike. A concept where digital nomads get a place to stay including food and mobility.


Do you want to help Cantal take the next step?

  • Follow Pikala Bikes on Instagram.
  • Contact her if you are interested in starting a franchise in another city.
  • Support Cantal in setting up her new company; Bed & Breakfast & Bike for Digital Nomads.

Feel free to contact us or Cantal to make a change together!

Tip by Cantal for you

Buy fewer products. This results in fewer needs for materials, less waste, less energy consumption, and therefore a smaller footprint.

Use the recourses that are available in abundance. In Morocco, this is the sun!

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