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Welcome to 4x4electric. We are excited to share our unique experiences, insights, and life lessons with your audience. As speakers, we adjust our presentations to align with your specific themes and goals. Explore the diverse topics we could cover in both Dutch and English.

1. From idea to leaving

Discover how the idea was born, our experience of sharing it in our network, and the power of feedback loops. We give insights in how we calculated the budget needed for the entire expedition, and if it was sufficient. We share what it was like to go from spouses to spouses and business partners, and how we learned the importance of trust, complementarity, and clear roles. The evolution of our partner packages and the development of our strategic approach to finding like-minded business partners. And our roadmap to find an audience to inspire, approaching media and engaging with audience.

2. Sustainability

Learn about the reason why we became passionate about sustainability and our goals by organizing this expedition. What different responses did we experience when people heard or spotted our expedition car, from fellow travelers to locals and customs officials. Be inspired by the different challenges faced in each country when it comes to the global energy transitions. Learn from the sustainable projects we visited on our expedition and the valuable lessons they taught us. Uncovering the power of education in realizing change and sustainable lifestyles.

3. Innovative technology

Explore the technological aspects of our expedition, from vehicle modifications, to making a regular family car into a self-sufficient home and to on-the-road optimalizations. Learn about the prototype DC-DC inverter we used to charge our expedition car with our 60m2 of solar panels, the challenges and techniques involved in optimizing the solar yield in a day, and the potential for this innovative charging technology. Get an idea of the differences completing this expedition with an electric car compared to a fossil fuel car, crossing diverse terrains, weather conditions and cultures. Gain insights into the maintenance requirements of an electric vehicle during an extensive expedition.

4. Culture differences

Delve into our encounters with diverse cultures in each African country and the challenges we face of corruption along the route. Discover the valuable insights and lasting impact of our cultural experiences. Explore the dynamics of adapting to different norms, values, and legal systems encountered. Get an idea on how we prepared ourselves to stay safe and how we experienced safety along the way. And finally, how we look at poverty and the inherent goodness of humanity.

5. Psychology / Emotions

We take you along the highs and lows of our expedition, how we coped with setbacks, maintained our relationship driving more than 1.200 hours while sitting next to each other, and the transformative impact on our lives upon returning. We openly share with you the impact the expedition had on our lives now that we are back home.

Customizable Presentation​

We understand that every audience is unique. We offer customizable presentations tailored to your specific event, ensuring relevance and engagement. Whether you’re hosting a corporate event, educational seminar, community gathering, or even an open discussion on a specific topic, our speaking topics can be adjusted to meet your audience’s interests and expectations.

Inspirational Speakers

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