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If we look at the range of an electric car, what impact does the environment have on it? Together with Itility and students we will gather data and learnings to share.

Expedition data analysis by Itility

If we look at the range of an electric car, what impact does the environment have on it? If we have a headwind we know the range will decrease, but how big is this impact? And what happens with crosswinds? What is the impact of rain or an extremely hot day? What is the impact of the surface we drive on? And what is the impact of these different elements on battery quality? Maybe you have an idea, but how valuable would it be if we could really test this? This is exactly what 4X4ELECTRIC will do together with Itility during the expedition from the Netherlands to South Africa and back with a regular electric car

From data to new knowledge

To take the expedition to the next level, we partnered up with Itility, a system engineering company from Eindhoven that brings technology and data together in innovative solutions for their customers in the high-tech, agri-, and energy sector. With tools from Aviloo, Getac, and Calypso Instruments, data is collected during the expedition to stream it live to Itility in the Netherlands. Here, the data will be analyzed by Itility to present a clear and informative dashboard on 4X4ELECTRIC’s website. In addition, the data will be analyzed by specialists to share discoveries.

4x4electric Dashboard concept

Working together with students 

Itility does not do this alone. ICT students from ZUYD University of Applied Sciences have already joined. Together with Itility we help the students with their challenges. From now on, during the entire expedition, students will be continuously be analyzing data together with Itility. This way, students experience the value of ICT and data themselves.

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