JustDiggit as our partner


JustDiggit decided to become a partner in our adventure. Do you want to get to know them?

JustDiggit is a dutch initiative, they are on a mission to regreen Africa, and they have one decade to do it. Digging semi-circular water bunds is one of the nature-based solutions they apply. This way the ground is able to hold on to water longer, which results in not only a green landscape but also a cooler climate! They learn the African people to work in this method, to make them self-sufficient.

We have spoken to the people behind JustDiggit, and we have agreed that we will visit some places where the method is used. This way we can make some beautiful video and drone footage for them, and inform more people about this Sustainable Development Goals project.

Because don’t their buns just look beautiful from above?

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And isn’t it just amazing how quickly nature becomes green?

Before and after Justdiggit

We are looking forward to bringing a visit to them!

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