Off-road preparations

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A couple of weeks ago we did an offroad training. Now it was time to buy some equipment ourselves to get out when stuck.

As you might have seen in an earlier video, we removed all we can miss in the car. More than 85kg in total. These are valuable kilograms to fill with the necessary equipment.

Now it is time to install all we need for the more challenging roads.

Equipment for the expedition

What we have bought so far:

  • Water tank
  • Winch and strong rope
  • Compressor
  • Air Jack
  • Boxes to store foods and more
  • And sand tracks will be added later (we could not decide on the color yet)

New video

In this video, you can watch us testing the air jack. This is not only to switch tires… It is also useful to lift the car out of the sand or mud when stuck.

Do you have recommendations for other equipment? Contact us.

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