The adventure begins!

4x4electric spain

Today is the day, the start of our sustainable expedition.

Every adventure starts with an idea
An idea is like a seed, it needs the right environment to come to life
A healthy soil with different nutrients
Clean air with a correct mixture of gasses
The sun, to power all the internal processes

A seed has to deal with the balance on the position it touches the earth
But as humans, we can search for the right balance for an idea
Our soil is the car and equipment we take with us
The clean air the followers we want to inspire
The sun as a source of power to make our trip possible

We want to show the world what is possible driving electric
We will drive from the Netherlands to South Africa and back with an electric car
Charging the car with solar panels we take with us
Visiting different projects answering to the sustainable development goals

Do you want to be the soil for this project?
Do you want to be the clean air we will inspire during our trip?
Join us on this unique and adventurous journey

Dare to believe in the impossible
Dare to believe in the power of the sun
We are ready for it, are you?

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Video about Mauritania

We made a video about our journey overlanding all-electric through Mauritania.
In 5 days we drove from the North to the South via Nouakchott and through the desert.

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Driving 5.550km solely on solar energy

We traveled 5.550km and charged 32 times with an average yield of +30%SoC per charging session. All these charging sessions together took 235 hours and 25 minutes. In total, we generated roughly 911kWh with our solar panels.

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4x4electric stuck in the mud
We got stuck in the mud!

On the 1st of January, we got stuck in the mud on a salt lake near Cap Skirring in Senegal. Not the best beginning of 2023. In this video, we show you how we handled this challenge.

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