First time solar charging in Africa


Today we charged our electric expedition car with our solar panels for the first time. We happily share our experience with you.

To do so we were invited on the land of a farmer. We arrived here yesterday evening to spend the night underneath a beautiful sky full of stars.

This morning started a bit cloudy. We even had some rain with a beautiful rainbow as a result. But then, the sun showed itself.

From 10 am until 14.30 pm we charged our car. We still have to learn what the best set-up is for our solar panels as there are quite some variables we can play with. Like the angle of the panels and the kind of surface we put them on. With today’s practice, the next time charging will be better, we have to get used to it.

The battery level went from 32% up to 52%, ~15,5kWh, not bad at all for the first time! Especially knowing that the more South we go, the quicker we will be able to charge as the sun will be more powerful and directly above the panels.

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