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Ubuntu magazine

Ubuntu stands for: "I am because we are". A way of thinking that originally comes from Africa. Read the article here:

Yesterday an interview was published by Ubuntu Magazine in the 2nd edition of their magazine.

You can find the interview on pages 30 until 37.

How they found us? was one of our first followers on Instagram. A real fan… At this time (November 2021) our expedition was an idea, a dream. She was one of the first to believe in us, while not knowing us besides this story we shared. This was a very special feeling, that helped us see we had something good here.

This year she reached out to us for an interview in the new magazine she worked for: Ubuntu

Ubuntu stands for: “I am because we are”.

A way of thinking that originally comes from Africa.

About Ubuntu Magazine

Ubuntu Magazine is for sustainable travelers and wildlife enthusiasts. They tell you how it is and what you can do to change by sharing stories from people on-site. Ubuntu Magazine leads sustainable travel by fair sharing.

You can imagine that this was a perfect match…

And today, the 2nd edition of their magazine is published!

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