We arrived in Senegal


One of our first experiences in Senegal, a unique experience with locals.

We got a very warm welcome in Senegal 🇸🇳

We found the perfect spot to charge with our solar panels at a football field along the coast. The scenery was beautiful! Late in the afternoon some local citizens set up their #picnic right next to us and invited us to join. They were so warm, welcoming, interested, and relaxed. It felt so special to be a part of this!

We shared our stories while eating all together out of one big bowl of rice with spices, vegetables, and some beef. After they offered us some sweet coffee. They even invited us over to sleep at their place.

We love sleeping in our rooftop tent so we did not sleep there but we did get a tour. If you have ever heard of minimalism, they are the perfect example. All they have is blankets to sit on, a simple kitchen, and a mattress. All they further need is each other for company. So inspiring!

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